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HELLO AGAIN, BLOG. WE MEET AGAIN. I have not forgotten you. Promise.

Since I am still on a mission to either:
a) find my stylus
b) replace tablet

I can only post sketches, for now. OR. *gasp* my crappy drabbles/fics/etc.!

So there's a 50-sentence challenge. I'm going with Ike/Ranulf for this set.
Here's what I got, so far. Feel free to skip LJ-cut(or this entry) if it's not relevant to your interests. *thumb up*

Rating: PG. So far.
Warnings: If boy/boy pairings make you squeamish, move along.
Fandom: Fire Emblem 9-10.
characters: Ike, Ranulf (with an epic appearance of Soren.)
pairings: Ike/Ranulf
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I think I broke the 'one-sentence' rule A LOOONG time ago. But oh well. At least I'm attempting to write. Right?

Sketchavember days 15-22

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Thanks for stopping by if you did~. *bows* Imma catch up on the rest now that Thanksgiving is out of the way. -w-b

Sketchavember Day 12-14

Days 15-16 will be done tomorrow~. So I hope these will do for now. -w-b

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Thank you for stopping by~~~. *bows and rolls away*

Sketchavember Day 7-11

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UH. Thanks for stopping by if you did? *waves and poofs*

Sketchavember Day 6

Not very passionate, I'm afraid, tonight. But ho! I still come to post.

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UH.... Thanks for viewing? *bows and rolls away*

Sketchavember Day 5

I'm loving on everyone who's participating. YOU'RE ALL DOING GREAT. 83b

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Sketchavember Days 1- 4

In order to catch up on the four days I missed of Sketchavember and be caught up now... I shall just make this post an art-dump of what I got as a result of derping around. 8D

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Thanks for viewing, if you managed to scroll past all of that. let alone even follow my blog. BD;;;

Gengars are not fat. *pout*

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Hi, Morty. Your Moegar Gengar is comfy. |Db
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Should be sleeping, but monthly cramps keeping me awake and lo and behold. A random sketch. 8D;;

...IDK, Falkner meeting/befriending Articuno sounded cool in my head. :I *hmph* *recluses to corner*

Apr. 20th, 2010

A muse list that I shall post here for future references. And with the kiss meme going around, this list might be helpful. :>

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